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Spain Visa documentation is an essential part of the visa process; the BLS Visa Center never approves a visa application without document verification. So it is crucial to pay due attention towards documentation before visiting the BLS Visa Center for the biometric verification process. However, not every UK resident needs a Spain Schengen visa to travel to Spain as UK residents who are citizens of the country are legally allowed to freely travel through the Schengen zone without the need of a Schengen visa. For the other UK residents who have a UK residency permit, the general Spain visa document requirements are as follows –

  1. A valid Passport or a travel document – The applicant’s passport should be issued within the 10 previous years, should be valid for the next 3 months from the date of exit from the Schengen area and should have two full blank pages, one for visa stamps and the other one as an additional spare page.
  2. Valid UK residency permit or another valid ID proof – The applicant needs to furnish UK’s residence permit or any other valid Identity card along with the passport.
  3. A digital photograph and biometric fingerprints – A digital photograph and biometric fingerprint data are needed to be furnished. However, children under the age of 12 years are exempt from biometric fingerprint requirements.
    Note – An appointment cannot be booked in case of hand injuries till the wounds get healed.
  4. A passport-size photograph – The applicant needs to furnish a passport-sized photograph not more than 3 months old with a light background, displaying the full facial features of the applicant.
  5. Schengen travel and medical insurance – An insurance of not less than £30000 to provide for any medical or travel emergency.
  6. Proof of Hotel reservations – A copy of accommodation proofs to provide for the intended stay in Spain or an official invitation issued by Spain’s police and a copy of your host’s passport, if applicable.
  7. Source of income – The applicant needs to furnish a copy of the last three months UK Bank account statement to provide evidence of financial subsistence. The bank account should hold a minimum balance of at least £900.
  8. Proof of travel arrangements – An email confirmation from the transport company or the printed tickets if available.
    • In case of travel by car – The copy of Car insurance, driver’s license, along with car registration papers or a copy of car rental documents.

The above-mentioned documents are general requirements but in addition, there are a few case sensitive requirements which vary according to the applicant’s status –

For employees – A signed letter of employment along with leave permission, six month’s bank current account statement, and a copy of ITR form or a certificate of income tax deducted at source.

Self-employed – A copy of business license, income tax return and company’s recent six months bank statement.

Students – A no objection certificate from school and a proof of enrollment.

Retired – last six month’s pension statement.

Dependent: In case of a dependent applicant both the sponsor and applicant need to furnish the following documents –

  • Applicant – Proof of sponsorship, relationship with the sponsor and a copy of birth or marriage certificate (as applicable).
  • Sponsor – Copy of bank statement to prove financial sufficiency, a copy of passport, preceding three month’s pay slips and the sponsor’s employment letter.

Unemployed and married to EU citizen:

  • An employment confirmation letter (not more than 3 months old) from spouse’s employer stating the date of joining and the position in the company.
  • Valid passport of the spouse.
  • An official English or Spanish translation of the marriage certificate, certified as a true copy either by the country’s BLS Visa Center where the marriage took place or by the legalization Bureau of foreign office in the UK.

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