5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween in Spain – Complete Guide

Are you ready for a haunting good time? Halloween is creeping up in Spain, and it’s an excellent opportunity to embrace the spooky spirit and have fun with family and friends. In this guide, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through Halloween in Spain, from delicious treats to family-friendly activities and more. It’s a great time to have fun and enjoy the festive spirit with your loved ones by booking your Spain visa appointment.

History & Origin of Halloween in Spain

It is said that Celts lived in Ireland, Northern France, and England approximately 100 years ago, and they were the ones to introduce the festival of Halloween. Also known as Samhain, this festival marks the end of summer on October 31 and the beginning of the New Year on November 1.  

Nowadays, people have started to celebrate it as the day of the dead, and it is believed that ghosts, spirits, and the dead roam around the earth on this day.

People used to light bonfires and often served their favorite food to their dead family members. They had started the tradition of decorating their house with carved pumpkin lanterns and flaunting scary costumes on the occasion,

Experience The Biggest Celebrations of Halloween in Spain 2023

It’s that time of year again as we find Halloween impending on us quicker than you can say & trick or treat.

If you already live in Spain or have visited this time of year, traditional Spanish Halloween doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around witches, devils, and pumpkins. Not far from a commercialized holiday and without the same lucrative hype as the United States and some of its European neighbors, Spain has unique ways of celebrating All Hollow’s Eve. 

How is Halloween Celebrated in Spain?

Although Halloween in Spain includes global Halloween elements such as costumes and pumpkins, it retains its unique Spanish identity. Here’s everything you need to know about spending Spain Halloween 2023.

Festive Celebrations: Day of The Dead

Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid come alive during Halloween. Many bars and clubs host themed parties, and theme parks such as Port Aventura transform into haunted attractions, providing visitors with spine-tingling experiences.

Costumes With a Spanish Twist

One of the most recognizable features of Halloween is the tradition of wearing Spain Halloween costumes. People, especially children, dress up as characters, monsters, creatures, or pop-culture figures. This is believed to have originated from the ancient belief in disguising oneself to avoid being recognized by wandering spirits.

Spaniards take their Halloween costumes seriously. From witches and vampires to Spanish folklore-inspired characters like *La Llorona*, you’ll witness a blend of international and regional influences in costume choices.

Trick or Treat Spanish Style

One of the most exciting aspects of Halloween is trick-or-treating. In Spain, you can join in the fun by visiting local neighborhoods or shopping districts, where children and adults dress up in creative costumes and go door-to-door searching for treats. Don’t forget to say “¡Truco o trato!” when you knock on the door, which means “trick or treat” in Spanish.

Traditional Spanish Sweets

Halloween isn’t just about candy corn and chocolate bars. You’ll find some delicious traditional treats perfect for the occasion in Spain. Look out for “panellets,” small almond-based sweets covered in pine nuts, and “buñuelos de viento,” fluffy pumpkin fritters. These treats are a must-try during your Spain Halloween Festival.

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns is a beloved Halloween tradition gaining popularity in Spain. Pick up a pumpkin from a local market and let your creativity shine. It’s a fun family activity resulting in spooky or silly faces, and you can proudly display your creations at home.

Explore Haunted Locations

Spain is rich in history and home to many legendary haunted places. As well as; If you’re brave and consider visiting haunted castles, ancient monasteries, or eerie mansions. Take guided tours or join ghost walks in cities like Barcelona or Toledo for a spine-tingling adventure.

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Five Best Ways To Celebrate Halloween in Spain in 2023

Have you ever wondered how people celebrate significant festivals in other countries and, more specifically, how Halloween is celebrated in Spain? Halloween is not traditionally a Spanish holiday but has recently gained popularity, especially among younger generations. There are so many ways to celebrate Halloween in Spain. But here are the top five ways to celebrate Spanish Halloween.

Eating “Huesos de santo”, “Panellets” and “Buñuelos de viento”

Huesos de Santo (holy bones), “buñuelos de viento” (windmills) and “panelets” (small pieces of bread) are some of the traditional Spanish treats for All Saints. Here, you can also try anise-flavored donuts and baked potatoes in Salamanca, “arrops” and “tallaets” in Alicante (small pieces of pumpkin dipped in grape syrup), and “borrachillos” (sweet buns) in Andalusia. 

Performance “Don Juan Tenorio” 

Spaniards often go to the cinemas a week before All Saints to see a “Don Juan Tenorio presentation.”As an essential part of this romantic play occurs in a cemetery, and death is one of its central themes. Therefore, Spanish share this tradition with Mexico.

Eating Chestnuts 

“Magosto” or “Castañada” (chestnut party) is a traditional party that basically held in the northern regions of Spain. Such as Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias, Catalonia, and Aragon. Consequently, people roast chestnuts over a fire and other seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin, and figs.

Walking The “Path of Souls” 

In some Spanish cities, walking the streets silently or holding candles in memory of the dead on October 31 is a tradition. In Alicante, since October 28, people put candles in their windows to mark the way for departed souls.

Go To Fairs and Carnivals.

The Cadiz Halloween Carnival is one of Spain’s famous festivals. Participants create elaborate fruit and vegetable puppets as public figures to mock politicians and current events.

Food and Drinks Traditions about Halloween in Spain 2023

Ever wonder what traditional Spain Halloween food to make for Halloween night? Halloween in Spain 2023 is incomplete without mouth-watering Halloween culinary delights. So with this list, you should be able to figure out what to make.

  • Pumpkin pie: It’s not just for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is eaten to celebrate Halloween all over the country. Get some pumpkin pie from the grocery store, or make it yourself.
  • Pumpkin bread: What would you be without pumpkin bread? Moreover, what would Halloween be? Get yourself a loaf or two of pumpkin bread for your Halloween celebration.
  • Caramel apples: No Millennial childhood would’ve been complete without good old-fashioned caramel apples. Whether you made them yourself Halloween in Spain 2023 handed them out or just ate them with your family on Halloween.
  • Candy apples: Are you not a big fan of Caramel sticking to your teeth while you try to enjoy a sugary confection? Candy apples coated in just the right amount of sugar & light corn syrup can hit the spot on Halloween night.
  • Apple bread: One of the lesser-known traditional Halloween food staples is apple bread. You might have heard about it or know people who make it, but apple season means plenty of warm apple bread.

Halloween in Spain 2023 is a fascinating fusion of foreign traditions & Spanish culture. However; it may not have deep historical roots in the country. Therefore; it has indeed found a place in the hearts of many Spaniards, especially the younger generation.

Consequently, if you find yourself in Spain during the Halloween season, don’t hesitate to join the spectacular fiesta and make unforgettable memories. Book your Spain visa appointment today and avail yourself of an Online Spain Visa to participate in the exciting Halloween festivities with your friends or family! Happy Halloween!


When is Halloween 2023?

Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. Halloween in Spain 2023 will take place on Tuesday, October 31.

Is Halloween a widely celebrated holiday in Spain?

Halloween has gained popularity in Spain, especially among the younger generations. Additionally; it not a public holiday, however, it is widely embraced, &’ll find Halloween-themed decorations and events throughout the country.

What are the typical Spanish Halloween costumes?

In Spain, people go all out with their costumes, dressing up as ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, and classic horror movie characters. Creativity knows no bounds, and homemade costumes are common.

How early should I apply for my Spain visa to celebrate Halloween?

Thus, you should apply for a Spain visa as early as possible from the intended travel date but no earlier than three months.

How should I apply for Spain Schengen Visa?

Therefore, to apply for a Spain Visa from the UK, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the online Spain visa application form and pay online securely for appointment booking.
  • So, once the application is submitted with confirmed payment, the team will book your Spain visa appointment at the BLS visa center.
  • Visit the Visa Centre with our executive on the date of appointment with all Spain visa required documents & submit your biometrics.
  • Get your Spain tourist visa and passport via courier.
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